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Sunday, June 3, 2018

A Wedding Planning. . Gloskrutham Story. .

A Wedding Planning..  Gloskrutham Story..

NGDCs. . 

With Bellram getting wed to Ksheri Rai and also with the return of Senior Executives like Ishindra Kaur and Jithendar Roy to PEC (Peace Engineering Corporation..), PriyamVada slightly felt threatened and dejected in her role in PEC, and maybe felt a lil like the Heroine who is much lesser than her age as in the movie "The Edge of Seventeen" ..

PriyamVada actually didn't like much the idea of Bellram getting wed to Ksheri Rai.. But she didn't show that outwardly. . Working with Bellram and the Chai pe Charcha programmes did fascinate some hopes in her .. And she didn't like much a variation theme planned with she getting appointed into a position that Ishindra Kaur once handled  with Bellram put into wed lock with Ksheri Rai .. She was fascinating to take up the current post offered to Ishindra when she enthusiastically persuaded Bellram to make an alliance between PEC and VEW (Value Engineering Works) with Chai pe Charcha programmes. .

Now when the alliance is got forged, she didn't get her favourite post and instead got put up to deal with GJk whose methods and ways were hated by her, for which sheer reason, she left the job at VEW earlier to join PEC .. 

But with more experience and realization of proceedings, she decided to put up and patch up with GJk somehow. .  And there is a meeting been called to discuss the wedding of Bellram and Ksheri Rai and how that canbe used for the Campaigns of VEW..

Despite her reluctance at the hyped wedding plan to show a moderate face of VEW before the public using some secret agreements on Samaya Tantra with Bellram and Ksheri Rai, PriyamVada still gave a suggestion to GJk in the meeting , that the exotic location planned for the wedding can be some AyurVedic Resort, so that there shall be some boost also to AyurVedic Tourism in a philanthropic thinking wherein AyurVedic methods are said to be of Richer Experiences .. 

But immediately Ksheri Rai and Arjun Krishna team from JEW (Jyothi Engineering Works) opposed to that suggestion.. They argued PriyamVada is giving such a suggestion, because some of her relatives are having AyurVedic Resorts .. 

They said it should be a One Week plan in Nainital near the Lake with the invited guests .. Arjun Krishna also added that one of his uncle's relative is having a very nice Luxurious Resort at Nainital and he can get discounts for the programme. . 

PriyamVada argued back that it could be difficult for the relatives of Bellram and Ksheri Rai to reach Nainital on the wedding day as most of them are in Southern Kerala..

Arjun Krishna retorted back that, they shall take all the invited relatives and guests to Nainital in a Charted Flight itself if needed, One Week before to Nainital for a week's Celebration programme arranged by his Wedding Planner friend. .

PriyamVada asked, and then what about others who can't spend one week at the Wedding Location for the week long celebration programmes. . 

And Arjun Krishna immediately replied that only those who are really ready to put aside a week's time away from their daily buzz shall be entertained to come by flight.. Others having genuine concerns for the bride and groom may join the party at any time in between on their own .. 

PriyamVada asked again whether it is a correct, ethical stance with invited guests' freedom of choices. .

And then Ishindra Kaur and Jithendar Roy intervened and said, they support Arjun Krishna's programme schedule on behalf of PEC and shall get the approval from their boss KimmyKat too ..

PriyamVada felt bruised on her ego and  thought what to do next with her bruises at multiple levels................................

Saturday, June 2, 2018

NGDCs. . A Gloskrutham Story of Lies ..

NGDCs. . A Gloskrutham Lies Story ..

(Courtesy to a Speech made by Sarvasree  Prof. Vaidyalinga Sharma Sir on Lies..) ..

Bellram thought to himself what kind of an Upper Cast he could be whether a Scholary One like a Brahmin, Or an YajurVedi like enjoying the funs within and giving funs without with myriad of imaginations and multiplicity of meanings, Or the one trying to appease "ThatwaMasi " principles, or the one enjoying the Jack of All, Master of None trait who never see any death nor birth of anyone like an Atharvi taking the essence fun of everything at a lower plane of Valleys rather than Hills .. 

Suddenly he remembered a Scholary speech, wherein the talk was about liars .. 

One Liar said he had great fun in creating the Stars and really enjoy displaying them to the World ..

Then the next one said, he actually pasted the stars in the Sky with the gum..

The third liar said that he actually provided the Ladder to go to Sky and fix the stars in the Sky..

And then the Fourth one thought whether, he could be the one holding ladder for all the other three .. 

And to know about his natural tastes better for the longer frameworks of Time, Bellram decided to go for a CGQIP programme to GJk using the FRNGS model. . And it came out via FRNGS model test that he actually is having the taste to sell the ladders to fix the created stars on Top .. 

And in the further CGQIP analysis it showed up that in order enjoy more of his current tastes, he also needs to put some hardworks to sell more of his ladders to go on Top. .

And then Bellram thought what kind of hard work and asked GJk to clarify more.. And GJk answered after some thoughts, "Now you may get married to Ksheri Rai" and continue the Gloskrutham Promotional and Lobbying Acts aimed at Nobel Prize for GJk at Value Engineering Works  (VEW) .. 

Meanwhile Ishindra Kaur and Jithendar Roy returned from their deputed assignment from Switzerland, back to India after Bellram's PR acts of perusal for increased Co - Operation between PEC (Peace Engineering Corporation) and VEW too, so that PEC also can depute them to VEW just like JEW (Jyothi Engineering Works) deputed Ksheri Rai and Bellram along with Arjun Krishna .. 

By now Ishindra Kaur and Jithendar Roy also wanted to settle back in India with their 3 year old Twins, a baby girl named Veda and a baby boy named Vikram born on an Akshaya Thriteeya Day evening on April 21, 2015 ..

Ishindra Kaur and Jithendar Roy also thought proper Value Education programmes in India with VEW shall enable their children too to be better human beings in future .. 

GJk also approved their plan and gave permission to Bellram to get wed to Ksheri Rai in the next month of "Mithuna" .. 

PriyaVada was slightly dejected at Bellram getting wed to Ksheri Rai but she didn't show that dejection outwardly.. PriyamVada's Boss Kimmy Kat from PEC also approved the plan ..

And now they were all looking for a week long Grand Gala, Wedding Celebration in the First Week of July 2018 in an exotic location with select invites of guests..

Saturday, May 26, 2018

OPS.. A Gloskrutham Story ..

One Posh Story.. (OPS..) .. (A Gloskrutham Story)

Bellram is given an International Travel Opportunity to promote and lobby for GJk's Nobel Prize .. 

GJk noticed the growing frustrations in Bellram and gave an international travel opportunity to reduce on his melancholy in the name of Lobbying and Promotions to win a Nobel Prize for Gloskrutham Literature Art.. 

It was completely upto Bellram how to do the campaigns ..

After agreeing to start of the campaign, once when Bellram reached Germany, an imaginary sound as though representing some righteous argument of thoughts at the banks of an unseen Thales River in Germany like a kind of Saraswathi River in India , pleaded to Bellram that if he goes for the promo campaign in a conventional manner, he can get ousted fast from the position that he is holding. . So it's better for Bellram to Enjoy the trip more with the money provided by the company rather than do any painstaking campaigns, as suggested and advised by Sreenivasan to Mohanlal in the movie "Akkare Akkare Akkare" .. 

And when the budgeted money finished Bellram called on GJk for some CGQIP (Continuous Gloskrutham Quality Improvement Planning) advises on what to do next .. 

And GJk took his "Kaviti" and did a Random Number Generation and Simulation test using the FRNGS model which is a modified version of Monte Carlo Simulation Techniques..

After doing an FRNGS Model test GJk advised Bellram to catch a flight to China where the prices of Goods shall be low and Bellram can actually transport a few items from there and sell Elsewhere at the next destination spot to avoid his Cash Crunch Situation ..  

Bellram heeded to that CGQIP advise and flew to China to buy a few items to be sold at the next destination..

After seeing the Great Wall, Bellram decided to take a Luxury Cruise Ship to Las Vegas to sell some No Guarantee gadgets that might seem to be useful in the Gambling Business .. 

In that Luxury Cruise Trip as a Sane Billy, Bellram also met a fun loving Priya and Jyothi (PJ) team who mocked and took fun of Bellram, trying to say without saying that he is a joker actually trying to take many necessary and unnecessary roles upon his head .. These glam girls were enjoying the Luxury Cruise from a Big Lotto Win using some No Guarantee Gadgets which Bellram was probably planning to sell in Las Vegas for a few dollars more .. The PJ team found another prey in the Cruise and left an Amish styled looking Bellram who tried to promote and emphasised the point again and again regarding the needs to get converted to Vegetarianism as human beings. . The PJ team quickly got bored of the Evangelical kind of Value Education Lectures of Bellram on Vegetarianism and it's benefits .. Sooner they found an escape route from Bellram, with a still easier and gullible one who looked like an Uncle and could afford their accommodation in Las Vegas .. It was more like a kind of marriage of convenience stated at the beginning of the movie "Vishwaroopam" starred by Kamal Hassan .. And thus the Amish styled Bellram got freed from the attacks of PJ team with his VegetarianTwam (Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. . 😲 ... ) Dharmic Value Ed Po(au)ses..

After selling the No Guarantee  gadgets in LasVegas Bellram took yet another flight to Switzerland to deposit all that money gained from Sales Proceeds from Las Vegas into the Swiss Bank Account of the Company  ..

And after some of those secret missions in Switzerland including the depositing of Sales Proceeds of Gadgets , Bellram now flew to the land of Ball Supremacy fights in Spa_In as per some of the secret advises, from Switzerland to keep the discipline intact, to let some wild wind imagination funs too along with the Sand Worship programmes to keep the Pen_Guns to flow on and on with more and more stories ..

Then Bellram was asked to move into a Russian Hotel near the banks of Vol_Ga river to finalise the short listed candidates thru an interview on VegetarianIsm(Twam) and get their Signatures and consent letters in this matter to join the Value Engineering Works (VEW) as freshly recruited hostesses in its promo campaigns at various levels and dimensions..

And thus after finishing a six legged international tour campaign a much more rejuvenated Bellram returned to report back to GJk in VEW along with the consent letters of the fresh recruits who have agreed to join VEW observing VegetarianIsm(Twam) ..  

And GJk said to Bellram that all these could have been done much much better with more passion, had he had that .. Had GJk been there it could have been a much much more a sizzling and eventful adventure and a still better travelogue, that for now seem to look like more of a kind of watered down cracklers, like a five coloured repeater .. who just obeyed the orders of CGQIP Planners.. Even in the first case where own decision was taken, even that would have become more glamorous had he could make some celebrity girl a friend of him and made that celebrity to call into the CGQIP programme for clarifications, to her friend Bellram, as he is highly ashamed to make a call kind of scenario .. That might have served better for the cause  .. But.. Yet, GJk added that it is a somewhat okay done job by Bellram, though it could have been much much better .. 😊 ..

Friday, May 25, 2018

NGDCs.. Thought Provoking to think further about the debate on HinduIsm and HinduTvam. .

NGDCs .. Now a days there seems a debate going on trying to differentiate between "HinduIsm" and "HinduTwam" .. Some scholars like Sasi Taroor while support HinduIsm oppose HinduTwam ..

It could be interesting to further  ponder into these words further .. "Ism" is an English Word whereas "Twam" is a Sanskrit Word ..

Here is what dictionary says about "Ism" .. It is a kind of oppressive philosophy one clings on to kind of meaning emerges from it ..

Now if we ponder further into the word meaning of "Hindu", Supreme Court says its a way of life.. The word Hindu was given by Westerners to a Civilizations's way of life following Sanathana Dharma  ( Maybe meaning Eternal Righteousness or Opinions which is enumerated by giving space to all the principles that get manifested..) ..

So HinduIsm essentially means someone who try to abide by Sanathana Dharma's way of life giving allowance to all the Principles that get manifested as facets of Brahman (God) including that of Christianity and Islam or whatever that get manifested including Science and Technology and Athiesm too ..

Now if we take what is the word meaning of "HinduTwam" .. It is probably expecting the other people too to follow such a practice of "Acceptance of All" .. Twam in Sanskrit has also got a word meaning "You" ..

So here comes a debatable issue wherein Abrahamic Religions thrive by putting forward their "Superiority" with their versions of "Swarga" and "Naraka" (Heaven and Hell) concept used by the Upper Casts in Hinduism Time Immemorial .. with a kind of "I am Okay, But You are not Okay" kind of concept in the in between limited life between birth and death considering death and extinction  of anything and everything too as a fact of mortal life .. 

Sanathana Dharma also had this concept as a kind of "Vyavaharic Dharma" on the basis of jobs and duties with cast systems and also had the Eternal Dharma perspectives too giving allowances to all principles with Vedantic Perspectives too using Value Education measures  too as said in Bhagavatham by Shuka Maharshi with an "Utthama Shloka Leelaya" perspective .. wherein Sandal Wood is encouraged to be used more as Sandal Paste or still better uses more rather than using that as just Fire Wood for which other materials for that purpose could be available .. 

Once Value Education perspectives started receeding with Vedanthins, people started migrating from Hinduism to other Religions which by then adopted the upper cast principles in Hinduism with "I am Okay, You are not Okay" kind of philosophies with Saved and Unsaved ones ..

Maybe "HinduTwam" ideals expect others too to understand more about Hinduism and tries Value Education measures to know more about "Sanathana Dharma" in various ways ..

Maybe some of the UpperCast ways used in Value Education, using "I am Okay, You are not Okay" principles without fearing Deaths too in some RakthaSakshi / BaliDani Methods, adopted in Value Education to understand more about Hinduism  might seem to be using Sandal Wood as Fire Wood more rather than using that for still finer tuned uses like that of Sandal Paste could be the debatable point raised here ..

Maybe IDK how much the "V(W)it C" upasanas of Ashwani Devathas with Tappet Clearances are allowed in any principles with Sanathana Dharma .. Maybe God decides ultimately with the Manifestations with Resultant Intensities within and without with Thy Divine Will in "Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma" .. 🤔😳🙏 .. Praise be to the Lord .. 🙏 ..

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Gloskrutham Addendum Review on the Iranian Novel "Women without Men" ..

[19/05 13:07] GJk(GloskruthamJayakrishn:

 NGDCs .. Happened to read Irani Writer Shahrnush Parsipur's Novel Women without Men published by Women Unlimited in India and which is said to have made into a film by Shirin Neshat in 2009 .. 

Vedas are said to be Apaurusheya by many Scholars .. Maybe a logical and rational deduction into this Novel seemed so difficult with the momentary changing moods and expressions like some overlapping principles like petals of a Lotus Flower .. 

Maybe such a kind of theme is beautifully expressed in a poetry written by Farrokhlaga wherein a Sugar Bowl is made but without any sugar, an Anvil is there but without any Cobbler kind of expressions ..

When i went thru the book my main aim was trying to identify the spirited principles in the drift of words that is brought about in the book .. Maybe a kind of what all could be the understandings "Vethi Vyakhyatha" perspective .. 

Obviously the first anecdot of a kind of broken hearted Mahdokht trying to explore a kind of new third option perspective (TSR) recognition or Self Esteem for herself on own might have decided to imagine herself as a Tree to explore the world around, maybe taking inspirations from a kind of Ganapathya Religion to explore more into a kind of new findings with Goodha Gyan Margas perhaps .. 

In the Second anecdot Fa'iza as an ill-bred young woman is probably seen trying to explore a life of Caution (STR) on her own .. Maybe also taking inspirations from the religion "Kaumaram" wherein Lord Subrahmanya Swamy is considered the Lord of all kinds of Science and Technology ..

In the third Anecdot of Munis, maybe we see a disciplined woman who later turn into a one who probably makes some Bets (SRTs) on her understandings probably with a march of one after another bodies .. Maybe later in the Novel it is said she probably wanted to be like the light of Sun maybe taking some spirits from the so called religion "Sauram" advocating Thought, Word and Deed to be in Unison and in Harmony ..

Then in the next Anecdot come up Farrokhlaga, a Rich woman because of her husband's wealth like a Queen who feels to be not much appreciated and feel a kind of longing (TRS) to get appreciated more by  many .. Probably a kind of Shaktheya religion or the so called Illuminati Prigrammes as said in modern times by some scholars, having Unfulfilled Desires of Intense Craves, maybe like the dilemma of VyasaDev as said in the beginning of Bhagavatham with a kind of Jinjasa (Athatho Brahma Jinjnasa) kind of spirit ..

And then in the next anecdot on the Anvil introduces Zarrinkolah who seems to be taking the fun of life (RTS) maybe with an innocent and straight forward heart , maybe like a religious principle of Lord Shiva by being Satvic with some kind of "ViTharkka Buddhi" to express and enquire freely what she feels ..

And then on the Anvil is introduced another principle of RaSaTh too in which fun is allowed to be taken from one by others (RST) kind of Vaishnavic kind of philosophy with the introduction of a Kind Gardner too as an aberration or V(W)it C Upasana of the Nee_Na principle of Women without Men .. Maybe like an Edakka in PanchaVadyam or KurumKuzhal in PandiMelam ..  

Maybe like the poetry mentioned earlier, even after setting up the Sugar Ball vessel, No sugar is seen or with a kind of even after Anvil Preparation no Cobbler is seen kind of State with nothing coming out of Abiogenesis process going on and on with "Kailittilakkal" programmes, the knitting is not to be seen by any cobbler like Jesus Christ.. Patience starts to erode to wait for Zarrinkolah to deliver a child and Munis (the SRT lady) suggests Farrokhlaga to use a Black Smith instead of Cobbler without waiting on and on .. Maybe like using the "Bali" Karmas in Yagas to find quicker results rather than using the longer routes of Gyana Yajnas kind of Philosophy with the seeds of Mahdokht too probably for the finer tuned tastes of MohaKshayas without a kind of "Kuthu Taste" of Ramphal as said in Shirdi Sai SathCharitham.. Maybe finer tuned funs have also got Adhikari Bhedams and need not be meant for everyone, all the time .. Probably on this note Zarrinkolah, Kind Gardner and Morning Flower while enjoy some higher quality fun of "Aham Brahmasmi", maybe the lesser patient Fa'iza, Munis and Farrokhlaga enjoy more the "Buhari Ragas of the Smiths" perhaps..

The enjoyment of Mahdokht probably remain unknown with the Gyana Yajnas with her seeds, though Kind Gardner observe that to be lowly, but with developed Samskara that Mahdokht might have gained to convert any hell to heaven and enjoy that, probably one need not understand whether she been able to enjoy the fun in any situations with her kind of RigVedic Knitting with "Prajnanam Brahma" analogy using Gyana Yajnas of various kinds rather than the "Bali Karma" aspect for Quicker Results with Buhari Ragas ..

"Women without Men" , a thought provoking read with its myriad aspects presentations with the spirits of threads underlying .. 🤔😳🙏 .. Praise be to all the Lords .. 🙏 ..

[19/05 13:14] GJk(GloskruthamJayakrishn:

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Crisis in the Teapot .. A New Gloskrutham Story ..

Crisis in the Tea Pot - A new Gloskrutham Story ..

NGDCs .. With the cancellation of Nobel Prize for Literature in 2018 on accusations upon trying to influence judges in various artistic ways, a fresh crisis has come up for Bellram regarding the ethical stance of  Lobbying Acts for the Nobel Prize for GJk (Gloskrutham Jayakrishnan) ..

And a frustrated and Unmotivated Bellram with a messy kind of PR lobbying campaign work to win a Nobel Prize for GJk became overwhelmly happy.. He was somehow looking for such an opportunity to get out of the messy affairs of PR acts for GJk .. And as the news broke immediately called on GJk for an appointment to discuss a few ethical issues concerning the PR acts to win a Nobel Prize for GJk .. - MaNu M NaIr

And GJk granted an immediate appointment to Bellram .. At the outbreak of  Nobel Prize Cancellation News in Literature for the year 2018 , GJk thought there could be a need for more clarifications on future strategy .. And GJk invited Bellram to discuss the matter at the VEW's (Value Engineering Work's) Office..

And an impatient Bellram came to GJk and told that  "See your literature need not be anywhere like the writings of Stalwarts like Amitabh Bachhan in the Indian Film Industry ie worth Lobbying for .. Yours is a kind of pretty ordinary writing and you are no Amitabh Bachhan to ask or demand for some Oscar .. Despite having a high persona, even Amitabh Bachhan is not trying for any lobbying acts for Oscar nor for any Nobel Prize in Art and Literature .. Then how can an insignificant one like you, even think of vying for such a high order with some of pretty ordinary rearrangement of letters as though the old letters in new bottle kind of style .. It needs tremendous hard work and dedication in terms of lobbying to reach even list of nominees .. With the latest news outbreak , even covet Lobbying to get Nobel Prize, other than merit, can itself be a disqualifier, saying it  been an attempt to influence the judges .."

Bellram added, "So , Let me say, its better to stop this campaign now and here itself rather than going further in an ethical thought front.. This rearrangement business of good old letters in newer bottles need not be appreciated by any Judges in the Panel of Nobel Committee .. And so please, I request to you humbly to give me a release from your Lobbying project and I shall work for some other project of VEW.. It seems highly embarassing to promote such rearranged assembly of good old words and letters in various ways before the august assembly of Judges of Nobel Committee.. I feel myself ashamed to take such a crap before the judges for promotion .. Despite all the cosy cruise experiences that you provide, i feel myself very much disgusted to promote your Gloskrutham Literature .. So please please give me a release from this project to some other project of "VEW" ..

GJk listened patiently to the arguments of Bellram and answered slowly, "If I was Result Oriented in this, you wouldn't have had such a project even to work with.. Please understand well that you are not supposed to be Result Oriented in this project but only supposed to do the Lobbying Works, good enough or possible by you with your role and character .. You need not take all the burden of achieving the Results .. The strategic planning incorporated in this project is trying a "No Result Orientaion" policy / path to achieve the desired ..

So in that purview if the ethical element of trying to influence the judges works in favour of us to increase that "No Result Oroentation Quotient", as an "On the Path" strategy until the objective is met with,  "Why Not ?" let's use that too to add some more spices .. Even the last minute withhelding of the Prize happens (as happened to Mammootty in the movie Pranchiyettan and Saint..), even that can be used as some fresh seeds for the Continual Attempts and efforts in the coming times ..

And the advantage of such a strategy of "No Result Orientation" is that it can even be taken after and beyond Death too .."

GJk added further , "So dear Bellram, go back to your Lobbying Works and continue your efforts and if you are amply fed up and really want an exit from this Promo Campaign, just convince Ksheri Rai, Priyam Vada or some other girl and get married and I shall automatically put you out of your character role.. Don't forget many like Arjun are waiting to take your place with their versions of NewGen story campaigns.. So if you want to continue in the job with VEW just listen to what I say and get back to your Work..  Who else is going to give you such cosy cruise travels just to do the lobbying works.. So think twice, thrice or many times before jumping into any immediate decisions .. I am no Amitabh Bachhan and you need not be any Fahad Fazil to refuse any offers.. So get back to your business or else likes of Arjun are rearing to take your place.."

And with the enlightening words of GJk, Bellram went back to his Lobbying mission thinking about his confusions on weather Earth is really Flat or Round .. 😊🙏 ..

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Biscuit that refuses to fall in the Tea .. Gloskrutham Poetry ..

[29/04/2018 - 18.26 IST ..] GJk(GloskruthamJayakrishn:

 The Biscuit that refuses 2 fall in Tea..

Gloskrutham Poetry that got its inspiration for formulation the day my wifi modem gone Kaput with Nature's action on 21st April 2018, Saturday Evening .. 🤔😳🙄😞🙏 .. 

Bellram on a journey in a CruiseShip..

Luxurious and Cosy as it can be..

Enjoying a friendly competition of Nature..

With the Divine Surprises that she holds within..

Priya and Jyothi (PJ team) 2oo were enjoying that Luxury Cruise..

As though the DiCaprio's Jack in Titanic ..

From a Handsome Fortune Tip Travel Lotto Win..

To enjoy a Nice Spring to Summer Vacation..

The Chirpy, Flirty and full of Vigour and Flurry Girls ..

Adding to the Glam Quotients of the Cruise ..

And then there on the other extreme.. 

The Amish styled Bellram with a grin face ..

Trying to explore into the Wonders of the Cruise ..

Maybe like a Sane Billy in Titanic..

And the PJ Team trying to ogle at Bellram..

In many wonderful ways that seemed exiquisite..

Equating Bellram to one who leads a mere worthless goat life..

Devoid of any major funs of Life ..

Maybe with some Frustrations 2oo ..

For not able to have a Biscuit to get dipped in the Tea..

Maybe as said in the movie Band Baje Barath..

And then they started reading a Shakesperian Poetry..

As though taking some photographs ..

Of Cheguvare in the Bolivian Jungles .. 😊 .. 🙏 ..